What’s Velo?

Vélo is the French word for bike.

Nice Ride MN: Test Ride

Most of you have probably heard about Nice Ride MN, the brand new bike sharing program in Minneapolis. I’ve been pretty excited about this for the past few months so I braved a rainstorm this morning just to get out and give it a test ride.  I won’t go into a lot of detail about . . . → Read More: Nice Ride MN: Test Ride

Bike Rack Evaluation

Let’s take a moment to talk about this bike rack at my office building.  Here’s what my office building got right:

The rack is located very well.  It’s on the lower level of the 2-level parking ramp, which means it’s sheltered from rain, snow, and sun.  It’s located right next to the stairs out . . . → Read More: Bike Rack Evaluation

Bike to Work Day: 2010

Bike to Work Day 2010 was not a big hit with my coworkers…  the only bike on the rack this morning (around 8:15ish) was my 1980 Schwinn LeTour.

Oh well.

Readers, see any new bikes on the racks this morning?

. . . → Read More: Bike to Work Day: 2010

Best Mixte Bikes: 2010

A couple weeks ago, a friend told me that she was in the market for a new mixte bike and asked me to dig up a few options for her.  Like most people, she’s looking to spend as little as possible, but she’s also willing to pay for quality.  She’s attracted to the idea of . . . → Read More: Best Mixte Bikes: 2010