What’s Velo?

Vélo is the French word for bike.

30 Days of Biking

Tomorrow is the first day of Round 2 of 30 Days of Biking, a rapidly growing national (worldwide?) movement with local MPLS roots. To participate, all you have to do is pledge to ride your bicycle every day from September 1-September 30. From the 30 Days of Biking homepage:

The only rule for 30 Days . . . → Read More: 30 Days of Biking

Placing Sharrows Outside the Door Zone

There’s a lot of discussion in engineering circles about the proper placement of the Shared Lane Marking, or Sharrow.  I’m a big fan of this pavement marking, but I think it is often poorly applied on many roadways.  This post will discuss the purpose of these markings and how they should be . . . → Read More: Placing Sharrows Outside the Door Zone

Minneapolis Draft Bicycle Master Plan

The City of Minneapolis has released a Draft of the Bicycle Master Plan.  This plan represents a significant effort by Minneapolis Public Works to guide the investment in bicycle facilities for at least the next decade.  The most significant part of the plan is Chapter 7, where all of the projects are separated into Tier1 . . . → Read More: Minneapolis Draft Bicycle Master Plan

Minnesota’s Booming Bike Economy

There are a couple of great articles in the August 2010 issue of Minnesota Business.

The first, entitled Inside Minnesota’s Booming Bike Economy, is an overview of some of the big (and small) companies that contribute to Minnesota’s thriving bike economy.  Author Fred Mayer estimates that the biking industry pumps $315 million annually into the local . . . → Read More: Minnesota’s Booming Bike Economy

Bikes and Peds Sharing Paths?

From the Mailbag:

I have a question concerning biking in the suburbs. Are there rules or etiquette – either written or unwritten – about bikes and pedestrians sharing paths?

Great Question!  The answer is YES, there are rules and etiquette for bikes and peds sharing the same paths.  Here are a few things to remember: . . . → Read More: Bikes and Peds Sharing Paths?


From the Mailbag:

I don’t get why anyone would want to ride a single speed bike…  do they just want to punish themselves?  Please explain.

Great question! People like to ride singlespeeds for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it means a lot fewer parts to maintain. Riding a singlespeed removes the need to . . . → Read More: Singlespeeds

Two Myths about Cycling

Today, I thought I’d try and shed some light on two myths surrounding bikes.

Myth: Bikes are Cheap It’s not uncommon for people to ask me for advice when they’re considering buying a new bicycle.  My first question is always “how much are you looking to spend?”  $300 seems to be the . . . → Read More: Two Myths about Cycling

Why Don’t Cyclists Ride IN the Bike Lane?

From the Mailbag:

Why oh why do cyclists ride ON the line that separates the traffic lane from the bike lane? Do they WANT me to hit them?!

Great question!  The short answer is that they probably ride on the line because they don’t feel like it would be safe for them to actually ride . . . → Read More: Why Don’t Cyclists Ride IN the Bike Lane?

Best Bike Path in the Cities?

From the Mailbag: This question comes from my friend Don, who writes along with his wife at The Wortley Pad.  Here’s his question:

Hey Reuben- My parents are coming to town near the end of the month and I want to take them on a bike ride on one of the paths here in town. . . . → Read More: Best Bike Path in the Cities?

Bicycle Frame Terminology

Let’s discuss some bike frame terminology: In a previous era, bicycles manufactured with a standard diamond frame geometry (or similar) were called ‘men’s bikes’, while bicycles manufactured where the top tube meets the seat tube much lower were called ‘women’s bikes.’ The latter frame style has been traditionally named such because the shorter standover height . . . → Read More: Bicycle Frame Terminology