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MN News Roundup – 08 September 2010

News Roundup, September 8th, 2010:

Not So Fast, Officer Warns Biker (StarTribune)

Some folks biking the Midtown Greenway recently rolled through the stop signs at intersecting streets west of Hennepin Avenue and didn’t see the cop. They were waved over by a uniformed officer and warned. […] But the officer stationed on the greenway recently took it a step further after he issued stop sign warnings. He also told bikers, including a co-worker, that there’s a 10-mile-per-hour greenway speed limit — and he appeared to be armed with a radar gun.

Bike share program pushes deeper into north Mpls. (MPR NewsQ)

The Nice Ride Minnesota bike share program will get more than $200,000 in federal funds to expand deeper into north Minneapolis.

Bryant Avenue Bike Boulevard Delayed (SW Journal)

The Bryant Avenue bike boulevard, slated to run from the Loring Bikeway Bridge to Lake Street and between 50th and 58th streets, will not be built this year as planned. […] A longer-than-anticipated community discussion about the plans prompted the city to push the project to next year.

More Residents Ready to Ride, Thanks to BikeTown USA (TC Daily Planet)

Hawkins was one of 30 local residents who received free bikes as part of Bicycling magazine’s BikeTown USA program. Hawkins and the others wrote short essays for Bicycling about how having a new bike would “change their world.”

Businesspeople a boost to NiceRide (StarTribune)

Minneapolis’ new bike-sharing program is booming, thanks in large part to women and men in business suits.

3 comments to MN News Roundup – 08 September 2010

  • Jimmy

    10 mph?!?!? Doesn’t that seem a bit slow for the Greenway? Certainly it can safely accommodate somewhat faster speeds than that, including safely navigating around slower traffic… There are people that run faster than 10 mph (not me, mind you, I’ve got this layer of fat to preserve for winter); will they get speeding warnings (or potentially citations) too?

    Yikes. I reiterate, yikes. Also, maybe the Minneapolis police should be working to solve all of those murders this year (or even stop a few) rather than radar-gunning cyclists… Just sayin’.

    • The full article clarifies that there is no speed limit on the Greenway. The speed limit only applies to some of the park board trails (the Greenway is a County trail). That’s just one more additional layer of ridiculousness of the whole thing.

  • Jimmy

    I shouldn’t be expected to actually investigate something myself, sheesh.

    I should have read the article… :)

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