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MN News Roundup – 15 September 2010

Walking, biking gaining traction in auto-centric Apple Valley (StarTribune)

Consultants have mapped out so-called “core routes,” Cornejo said, linking important destinations such as schools, parks and the library.

We’re saying you need to make them really attractive. Signage, bike racks, kiosks with local news, water fountains — make it special. Coordinate it all with bus shelters. It’s not just a matter of needing two more blocks of pavement. What started as a technical study has turned into an exploration of city identity, and a sense of community: Giving people places to meet the neighbors.”

Fun Facts about PedalPub (CityPages)

In May 2008, an amendment to a Minnesota state law took effect regarding the legal consumption of alcohol under certain conditions. One of those changes made it permissible to drink on a “vehicle that is operated for commercial purposes in a manner similar to a bicycle…with five or more passengers who provide pedal power.”

1 comment to MN News Roundup – 15 September 2010

  • I have a real problem with this nonsense that we need to make BRT and walking/biking routes “attractive”. No, what you need to do is make them USEFUL.

    Right now Apple Valley is fractured when it comes to walking and biking and in addition to that, it’s just not worth walking or biking anywhere anyway. When there’s a Target next to a huge community of homes which are within EASY walking distance–with trails linking them–and yet people still drive their SUVs to get to it you know there is a problem with CULTURE and no amount of planning or beautification money is going to change that.

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