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Simple Wayfinding Signs

Many communities are actively adding wayfinding signage to their bicycle facilities to help cyclists know where they are and which way to go. I want to highlight a couple of the sign designs that the City of Minneapolis is using because I really think they have done a great job with them. I like these signs because they’re simple, using standard fonts, symbols, sizes and colors. ┬áMaybe it’s just the engineer in me, but I think standardization is a great thing.

The key elements of any wayfinding sign are often called the “Three D’s”:

  • Destination
  • Direction
  • Distance

I included my bike in this photo so you can get a sense of scale.

Midtown Greenway Bicycle Wayfinding

Midtown Greenway Bicycle Wayfinding

This next photo is one that I’d like to see become the standard method of identifying a roadway (or path, in this case) for cyclists. This sign could also be used along bicycle boulevards or bike routes.

Midtown Greenway Sign

Midtown Greenway Sign

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