What’s Velo?

Vélo is the French word for bike.

Dero Zap

Thanks to the federal Bicycle Commuter Act passed in 2008, employers can offer their employees up to $20 per month as a tax deductible fringe benefit. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why employers ave been very slow to participate.

One of the biggest challenges to implementation is that it can be  cumbersome for employers to . . . → Read More: Dero Zap

28th Street Crossing

The City of Minneapolis has recently made some modifications to the striping on 28th St E at the at-grade Midtown Greenway trail crossing. This location was already striped with a zebra crosswalk, and a button-actuated flashing beacon is present (but rarely used) to enhance the visibility of the crossing. I applaud the City for recognizing the . . . → Read More: 28th Street Crossing

Defining Narrow Width Lanes

Here in Minnesota, cyclists are legally permitted to “take the lane” as specified in Statute 169.222 Subd. 4, which says:

Every person operating a bicycle upon a roadway shall ride as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway except [...] when reasonably necessary to avoid conditions, including [...] narrow width . . . → Read More: Defining Narrow Width Lanes

Shilshole Avenue Railroad Crossing

A column from Danny Westneat in The Seattle Times tells the story of how cyclists are tired of waiting for the City to fix “the most dangerous street in Seattle”.

Here’s a google map screenshot of the area where Shilshole Avenue NW crosses under the Ballard Bridge. Look closely to see the railroad tracks, and . . . → Read More: Shilshole Avenue Railroad Crossing

Copenhagen Bicycle Account 2010

The City of Copenhagen recently released their Bicycle Account 2010, a comprehensive look at the state of Cycling within the City. The report is based on survey data as well as other quantitative measures. What is most notable about this data summary is how far-reaching it is in scope. I don’t think there are any . . . → Read More: Copenhagen Bicycle Account 2010

Interim Approval for Green Bike Lanes

Back in April, the FHWA granted “an Interim Approval for the optional use of green colored pavement in marked bicycle lanes and in extensions of bicycle lanes through intersections and other traffic conflict areas.”

Green Bike Lane

Before this interim approval, communities that wanted to implement green bike lanes had to do one of . . . → Read More: Interim Approval for Green Bike Lanes