What’s Velo?

VĂ©lo is the French word for bike.

Door Zone Bike Lane Treatments

There’s a good article today on Streetsblog San Francisco about several treatments the City is using to keep cyclists from riding too close to cars in “door zone” bike lanes.

Animated Gif via Streetsblog SF

From the article:

If you take a standard five foot bike lane, like the one above, and factor in . . . → Read More: Door Zone Bike Lane Treatments

Parking Allowed in Buffered Bike Lanes

I did a double-take when I happened to drive past the relatively new bike lanes painted on 1st Avenue S. Here’s a couple pictures of what I saw:

1st-Avenue-Bike-Lane-Parking-2 by VeloTraffic, on Flickr

1st-Avenue-Bike-Lane-Parking-1 by VeloTraffic, on Flickr

Initially, I was blown away when I saw literally dozens of cars parked in the . . . → Read More: Parking Allowed in Buffered Bike Lanes

Cycling in Roundabouts

David Hembrow posts a video called Roundabout with Safe Cycling Facilities in The Netherlands. It’s standard practice in The Netherlands to provide a bicycle circulating lane on all roundabouts, separated by small curbs.


Here in the U.S., .this type of design is strongly discouraged by every set of roundabout guidelines I’ve ever seen. . . . → Read More: Cycling in Roundabouts

Disregarding Sharrows

There continues to be academic research about the effectiveness of sharrows. One thing all researchers can agree on is that sharrows are not effective if cyclists don’t use them correctly. A quick google image search will reveal plenty of photos of cyclists incorrectly using sharrows.

For example:

Riding with Sharrows by The Prudent Cyclist, . . . → Read More: Disregarding Sharrows

Soucheray: bikes are for exercise

From Joe Soucheray’s most recent column titled “For comrades on bikes, the median is the message” (speaking about a recent neighborhood group decision to not support a proposed median as part of the Jefferson Avenue bicycle boulevard in St. Paul):

Let me try to explain something, but probably to no avail. I have been an . . . → Read More: Soucheray: bikes are for exercise