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Door Zone Bike Lane Treatments

There’s a good article today on Streetsblog San Francisco about several treatments the City is using to keep cyclists from riding too close to cars in “door zone” bike lanes.


Animated Gif via Streetsblog SF

From the article:

If you take a standard five foot bike lane, like the one above, and factor in the door zone, you realize bicyclists are only given a sliver of a space that is about one to two feet wide, depending on the width of the lane, and the size of a car door.

According to the SFMTA, dooring is the second most common form of injury collision involving cyclists, behind unsafe speed, though the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC) points out that dooring is the highest injury collision type caused by motorists or their passengers.

Of course, as the article points out, an even better idea is to not design “door zone” bike lanes in the first place, but designers are rarely given this option.

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