What’s Velo?

VĂ©lo is the French word for bike.

Shared Bike Turn Lanes

I was working with a client recently where we briefly considered installing a shared right-turn lane and bike lane. This is a relatively new strategy used in locations where there is not enough roadway width to maintain a standard 5′ bike lane through an intersection – typically because that roadway space is used for right-turn . . . → Read More: Shared Bike Turn Lanes

NYC Bike Share & Carbon Offsets

The big bike news today is that NYC announced the contract for operating the planned bike share system. Alta Bicycle Share was selected as the for-profit corporate operator, the same folks that operate the bike share systems in D.C. and Boston. Alta uses exclusively the technology developed by the Public Bike System Company, better known . . . → Read More: NYC Bike Share & Carbon Offsets

Green Centerline Stripe

Green Centerline Strip by VeloTraffic, on Flickr

Here’s a little pavement marking trivia: The Minneapolis Park Board uses the color green to stripe the centerlines on their off-street trails. All the design guidelines I’m aware of would recommend yellow for centerline stripes separating two-way traffic.

So why does the park board use green?

Bruce . . . → Read More: Green Centerline Stripe