What’s Velo?

VĂ©lo is the French word for bike.

Classic Left Cross Collision

Richard Masoner at Cyclicio.us posted a great video of a classic left-hook bike/car collision.

Ana gets hit from Rick Langlois on Vimeo.

Clearly the driver is at fault here. What can engineers do to reduce the frequency of these crashes?

2 comments to Classic Left Cross Collision

  • not sure its an engineering problem? how do you design a road where this doesn’t happen? its more about people slowing down and paying more attention to bike lanes.

  • Kevin

    Not sure why a cylist is traveling so much faster than all the stopped traffic in this congested area? Perhaps a striped bike lane gives cyclists a false sense of security and an entitlement to pass other traffic without regard to traffic conditions? I am thankful that Ana is alright. I’ve been in her place, but without striped bike lanes. With or without bike lanes, both the vehicle driver and the cyclist need to be watchful and operate within the context at hand. Thanks for all the useful information on your site.

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