What’s Velo?

Vélo is the French word for bike.

Measuring Cycling Growth

Bike Walk Twin Cities released their official 2011 bike and pedestrian counts today. BWTC presented the new data, along with annual counts dating back to 2007.

The bicycle counts clearly show a general increasing trend in 2011 compared to previous years. This is good news, since the Federal mandate attached to the $28 million NTPP funds . . . → Read More: Measuring Cycling Growth

Bicycle Compliance at Traffic Signals

Joseph Rose (via The Oregonian) reports that some students performed some [admittedly non-scientific] research to shed some light on bicycle compliance with red lights at signalized intersections.

Their findings (PDF): 56 percent of bicycle riders ignored stop signals, compared with 7 percent of motorists.

This is not surprising. The researchers also compiled the following video:

. . . → Read More: Bicycle Compliance at Traffic Signals

Neighborhood Greenways

One of the more interesting aspects of the recently completed Minneapolis Bicycle Master Plan is the inclusion of a long-term vision to convert some local roadways to Greenways. The master plan map lays out a network of future Greenways (most facilities we’re currently referring to as Bike Boulevards are envisioned to transition to Greenways over time.

. . . → Read More: Neighborhood Greenways

Mandatory Helmet Laws & Bike Sharing

Article in PubliCola about how Seattle is struggling with mandatory helmet laws and public bike sharing:

… one clear down side to helmet laws is that they discourage bike-sharing systems like the popular programs in Portland and Washington, D.C., where helmets are not required. Bike sharing programs are designed for short, spur-of-the-moment trips: You grab . . . → Read More: Mandatory Helmet Laws & Bike Sharing