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Who is willing to own an old bridge?

An ongoing problem for cyclists in the Twin Cities metro area, especially motivated commuters willing to cycle great distances each day, is a lack of options for crossing the Minnesota River. The Minnesota River is surrounded by a buffer of lakes & wetlands, and the resulting greenbelt surrounding the river can be over a mile . . . → Read More: Who is willing to own an old bridge?

Bus Driver Aggression Towards Cyclist

BBC News reports on the shocking incident where a transit bus driver was convicted of using the bus he was driving as a weapon to injure a cyclist. A CCTV camera captures what is very clearly the bus driver intentionally swerving into the cyclist. See video below:

The actual incident is slightly more clear . . . → Read More: Bus Driver Aggression Towards Cyclist

Bike signals cause motorist confusion in Paris?

The Telegraph reports that legislators in Paris have given cyclists to proceed through red lights at intersections under certain conditions.

A new government decree has just authorised cyclists in the French capital to go through red lights, after road safety experts deemed the measure would cut road accidents.

Under the new system, which will be . . . → Read More: Bike signals cause motorist confusion in Paris?

Activated Lighting

David Hembrow reports that a new lighting system has been installed along a rural stretch of bike path in The Netherlands. The bike path is parallel to a rural highway connecting several small communities

The new lights will operate at night time at half power, but passing cyclists can press a button at either end . . . → Read More: Activated Lighting