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Bus Driver Aggression Towards Cyclist

BBC News reports on the shocking incident where a transit bus driver was convicted of using the bus he was driving as a weapon to injure a cyclist. A CCTV camera captures what is very clearly the bus driver intentionally swerving into the cyclist. See video below:

The actual incident is slightly more clear in this video.

Based on the BBC report, the cyclist made some questionable behavioral decisions as well. I’m conflicted about how cyclists should respond to motorists when they feel threatened, mistreated, disregarded, or generally unseen (which is something I experience occasionally during my daily bike commute). On one hand, if cyclists do nothing in response, the motorist is unlikely to behave differently in the future. But it’s hard for me to imagine how a cyclist can express frustration in a constructive and productive way that will make the driver think anything other than “that cyclist is a jerk.”

Needless to say, there is very little that engineers can do to reduce incidents like these. Perhaps if engineers built more separated bike facilities, many of these conflicts would be eliminated, but that seems like arm-twisting. We shouldn’t have to use infrastructure to get people to treat each other with respect.

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