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Lucky Cyclist

Twin Cities Transit linked to this video:

This could be a very real problem along the Central Corridor…

Twin Cities Cyclists: don’t be this guy.

. . . → Read More: Lucky Cyclist

37th Avenue Greenway

Several months ago, I wrote a post about the Minneapolis Bicycle Master Plan setting a vision for the creation of greenways. At that time, I quoted the following from page 184 of the plan:

Create a network of “greenways” or “green streets” where roadways are converted to bicycle and pedestrian only corridors. Milwaukee Avenue is . . . → Read More: 37th Avenue Greenway

Improving Bike & Ped Counts using Video

CTS E-News: Using computer vision to count pedestrians and cyclists

Video Detection

Researchers in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CS&E) are continuing their work on a vision-based system for counting pedestrians and bicyclists. The system uses machine learning principles and complex algorithms to process video data and classify objects in the scene . . . → Read More: Improving Bike & Ped Counts using Video

Some Options for Penn Avenue

There has been a lot of discussion locally here in Minneapolis about the proposed bikeway planned for Penn Avenue. According to info about the project on the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition’s (MBC) blog (here and here), it looks like the most probable outcome for this corridor will be some sort of off-street facility, probably at the . . . → Read More: Some Options for Penn Avenue

Why I Don’t Talk About the Environment

Brendon alerted me to this article at Ecotrope:

Why Cyclists Are Breaking Up With Environmentalism

“In the 1970s, there were lots of people who biked for environmental reasons,” he said. “But that’s totally changed now.”

Now, he said, people bike because it’s practical, it’s cheaper than driving and taking public transportation, it’s a “stylish” way . . . → Read More: Why I Don’t Talk About the Environment

Bike Facility Design Vehicle?

With the recent coming of warmer temperatures, my daughter and I have been able to steal away for a few quick bike rides in the Dutch-style cargo bike (this particular version made by Joe Bike). I’m looking forward to a great summer of biking with my daughter, whose car seat fits excellently into the wooden . . . → Read More: Bike Facility Design Vehicle?

Penn Avenue: Cycle Track or Sidepath?

The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition posted some info today about the upcoming Penn Avenue reconstruction project. According to the MBC, the City of Minneapolis is considering the construction of a two-way “Cycle Track” along the west side of the roadway. Here’s the initial cross-section concept:

Cycle Track or Sidepath?

I didn’t attend the meeting where . . . → Read More: Penn Avenue: Cycle Track or Sidepath?