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Bike Facility Design Vehicle?

With the recent coming of warmer temperatures, my daughter and I have been able to steal away for a few quick bike rides in the Dutch-style cargo bike (this particular version made by Joe Bike). I’m looking forward to a great summer of biking with my daughter, whose car seat fits excellently into the wooden box.

Bicycle Facility Design Vehicle?

This bike is loads of fun to ride, but I feel like a bit of a whale lumbering down the bike trail. However, I’m not the slowest or most wobbly bike out there by a long shot.

When engineers set out to design a roadway, so much of the design is determined by the selection of a design vehicle. Engineers are increasingly coming under fire for selecting extravagant design vehicles, resulting in oversized and unnecessarily expensive roads.

As I slowly roll down the trail, I can’t help but wonder if this is the design vehicle for bike facilities. It’s not quite as long as an adult tandem bike, but much more wide. It’s also not quite as wide as some pull-behind bike trailers out there, but the lack of a central swivel location makes it less maneuverable.

I wonder, has an engineer ever been accused of over-designing a bike trail as a result of selecting an extravagant design vehicle?*

Cutest Passenger Ever.

Ponder that for a while, and also, thanks for humoring this post, which is clearly just an excuse for a proud father to put pictures of his kid on the web.

2 comments to Bike Facility Design Vehicle?

  • *The answer to this question is most certainly yes – if only because many bike facilities are designed to accommodate full-sized maintenance vehicles and snow plows.

  • Peter

    Absolutely. Designing for a tag a long with a Burley trailer is something that would make your bakfieta look like a mini smart car as opposed to a WB67. The Sellwood Bridge design in Portland has on street and off street facilities which makes the biking space larger than absolutely necessary. Design at intersections is where it is very difficult to accommodate these larger bicycles because of storage.

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