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Unusual Bike Racks

I came across a couple examples of unusual bike racks. The first (via Ed) is just a couple of pallets:

No-Cook Pallet Bike Rack, by lowtechatmo on Flickr

From the photographer:

Instant bike rack made from two pallets — no assembly needed. The pallets are not modified or secured, just leaned together. Seems stable enough. It’s a little crowded for four bikes, but not unworkable.

This is clearly not suitable for a public right-of-way, but it could work in a backyard where security was not a concern. The biggest benefit, of course, is that a person can usually scrounge up a few pallets for free without too much effort.

Cyclelicious brought my attention to the following photograph:

Whacky bike parking!, by Steven Vance on Flickr

From the photographer:

Wheel well, wheel bender. Don’t install these, please.

I agree. I can appreciate the low profile design that allows them to nearly disappear when there are no bikes present, but these racks are virtually unusable.

2 comments to Unusual Bike Racks

  • Rosedale Center had bike “racks” similar to the bottom picture when I rode there about two years ago, but they’ve been replaced by something more conventional since then. Pretty much impossible to use with a U-lock unless you’ve got a chain or cable along with it (and even thene, there are probably a lot of cables with loops on the ends that won’t fit through the eyelet). I’m glad the old ones are gone.

  • Have you considered adding some social bookmarking buttons to these sites. At the very least for facebook.

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