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A day in the life of Nice Ride bikes

A MinnPost article with the same name as this post has a pretty cool animation of the daily routes taken by Nice Ride MN users, the local bike-share company.

…we’ve animated a day in the life of Nice Ride bikes in the Twin Cities. Click play and zoom into the map to see how bikes move between stations throughout a 24-hour period (based on 2011 data).

Click through to see the animation.

As a side note, Open Streets Map, who provided the network data for this animation, apparently doesn’t have the Kenilworth Trail coded correctly, as it is a significant omission from the animation.

1 comment to A day in the life of Nice Ride bikes

  • Andrew

    The Kenilworth Trail should be better connected now in OSM. Looks like there were some intersections hanging unconnected which might explain why the route was skipped in their animation.

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