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Fliz brought my attention to this contraption:

It doesn’t look fun or convenient. It looks awkward and uncomfortable, a bit difficult, and I want to know what happens when this guy accidentally runs over his own foot with the rear wheel.

Bikeyface: Urban Replanning

I could appreciate this illustration from the wonderfully entertaining blog Bikeyface about some potential new pavement markings engineers could start using to organize and segregate different types of roadway users.

Urban Replanning, via Bikeyface, on flickr

This is tongue-in-cheek, obviously, but the toolbox of available bicycle pavement markings has been rapidly expanding over the . . . → Read More: Bikeyface: Urban Replanning

Advocacy Organization Unification Plan Abandoned

Three of the largest national biking advocacy groups announced several months ago that they intended to merge into a single entity. Today, they announced that after more discussion, they have decided to remain separate and distinct entities. They made the announcement by each of the three groups posting identical blurbs on their respective blogs:

Alliance . . . → Read More: Advocacy Organization Unification Plan Abandoned

Plastic Curbs to Delineate Bike Lanes

Richard Masoner at has a nice picture of some 4″ tall rubber curbs some cities are using to delineate bike lanes and keep cars from encroaching.

4th St Cycle track by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious, on Flickr

I like this kind of installation, although most communities here in MN would probably shy away . . . → Read More: Plastic Curbs to Delineate Bike Lanes

Portland’s “Bicycle Barometer”

From Bike Portland: Portland makes bikes count on the Hawthorne Bridge:

A new bike counter (a.k.a. the bicycle barometer) — the first of its kind in the United States — went live at midnight last night and at this morning’s press conference the number was already well over 2,000. The counter has been placed on . . . → Read More: Portland’s “Bicycle Barometer”