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(Almost) Real-Time Bike Traffic Counts

A couple month’s ago, I posted about Portland’s Bicycle Barometer” a bicycle counting system that posted a real-time count on an LED display for passers-by to see.

Today, brought my attention to the (almost) real-time bike counts the City of Boulder has made available online.

Bike Counts at 13th & Walnut

Apparently there is some delay in the data being posted to the website, but counts are as recent as 24 hours. At this location, there were 1,307 cyclists counted on October 3, 2012.

This data is available at 13 locations in Boulder, though I can’t seem to find a list of these locations or a link to the data (if anyone can provide this link, I’d be grateful). Also, a bit of Googling suggests that Ottawa is using the same technology.

Minneapolis should have this. We’re already counting bikes 24/7 at several locations, the data should be made publicly available online so long as we are reasonably confident the data is accurate. And if we are not confident, it is worth the investment for better equipment.

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