What’s Velo?

Vélo is the French word for bike.

Evaluation of sharrows in Miami Beach, FL

A recent study of sharrows yielded unsurprising (but nice to see) results:

Evaluation of Shared Lane Markings in Miami Beach, Florida

The study was a before and after study collected videotape data of bicyclist interacting with motorists before and after the installation of the markings.

After the markings were placed, approximately 20 percent of the . . . → Read More: Evaluation of sharrows in Miami Beach, FL

Are Shared Lane Markings and Bike Boulevards a Distraction?

Transit Miami (via Next American City) posts:

Sharrows. Chevrons. Shared lane markings. Little painted bicycles on the street.

Like fungi after a spring rainfall, Miami has seen a rapid proliferation of these markings on her streets, designed to remind motorists to be aware of cyclists and their right to the lane. While the markings are . . . → Read More: Are Shared Lane Markings and Bike Boulevards a Distraction?

Avoiding Curb Cuts Along Paths

Bill at Twin City Sidewalks: Bicycle Curb Cuts & the Devil in the Details

Continuous Trail prioritizes the trail over driveways.

Bill writes:

Every time a driveway or a parking lot or a street intersects with a bike path, there’s a choice to be made. Do you prioritize the automobile traffic and force bicycle . . . → Read More: Avoiding Curb Cuts Along Paths

Paths or Sidewalks along Suburban Arterials

A trend I’m seeing more often is agencies whose high-speed arterial roadway design standard calls for the construction of a sidewalk on one side of the road and a path on the other side. The photo below is one such roadway, with a concrete sidewalk on the west side of the road (probably 5′-6′ wide) . . . → Read More: Paths or Sidewalks along Suburban Arterials

Unusual Bike Racks

I came across a couple examples of unusual bike racks. The first (via Ed) is just a couple of pallets:

No-Cook Pallet Bike Rack, by lowtechatmo on Flickr

From the photographer:

Instant bike rack made from two pallets — no assembly needed. The pallets are not modified or secured, just leaned together. Seems stable . . . → Read More: Unusual Bike Racks

DIY Bike Markings

Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns (and one of my fellow bloggers at Streets.mn) reports on his recent trip to Memphis. He blogged about finding some DIY “Guerella Painting”.

Guerrilla Painting

Here’s a photo of a run down, overlooked, disconnected block here in Memphis. By the reports I received, a few years ago this place was . . . → Read More: DIY Bike Markings

RiverLake Greenway 11th Avenue Diverter Redesign

I wrote a post back in November of 2010 about the RiverLake Greenway, the Twin Cities’ first serious attempt at constructing a bicycle boulevard. I was mostly pretty pleased with the bikeway, other than the diverter constructed at 11th Avenue. At the time, I called it “the only clear ‘miss’ along the corridor”.

Original . . . → Read More: RiverLake Greenway 11th Avenue Diverter Redesign

37th Avenue Greenway

Several months ago, I wrote a post about the Minneapolis Bicycle Master Plan setting a vision for the creation of greenways. At that time, I quoted the following from page 184 of the plan:

Create a network of “greenways” or “green streets” where roadways are converted to bicycle and pedestrian only corridors. Milwaukee Avenue is a . . . → Read More: 37th Avenue Greenway

Improving Bike & Ped Counts using Video

CTS E-News: Using computer vision to count pedestrians and cyclists

Video Detection

Researchers in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CS&E) are continuing their work on a vision-based system for counting pedestrians and bicyclists. The system uses machine learning principles and complex algorithms to process video data and classify objects in the scene . . . → Read More: Improving Bike & Ped Counts using Video

Some Options for Penn Avenue

There has been a lot of discussion locally here in Minneapolis about the proposed bikeway planned for Penn Avenue. According to info about the project on the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition’s (MBC) blog (here and here), it looks like the most probable outcome for this corridor will be some sort of off-street facility, probably at the . . . → Read More: Some Options for Penn Avenue