What’s Velo?

Vélo is the French word for bike.

Crosswalk timing issues

I am quoted in this article on KARE11 about the FHWA adjusting crosswalk waking speeds from 4.0 ft/s to 3.5 ft/s in 2009:

Crosswalk timing an issue in many MN counties

Reuben Collins is a traffic engineer behind Streets.mn – a blog dedicated to safer transportation – and says the best solution hasn’t been . . . → Read More: Crosswalk timing issues

Requiring Motorists to Merge into Bike Lanes Prior to Right Turns

Right Hook Crash Type (via floridabicycle.org)

One of the most common crashes that occurs involving bicyclists on urban streets is the “right-hook”, or the crash that occurs when a right-turning motorist fails to yield to a through bicyclist traveling the same direction in a bicycle lane.

Engineers, Cyclists, and Lawmakers alike have long known . . . → Read More: Requiring Motorists to Merge into Bike Lanes Prior to Right Turns

Ambiguous Yield-to-Pedestrian Statutes

In an Opinion piece in Woodbury Patch, Angela Johnson comments on the ambiguous nature of Minnesota’s crosswalk laws. In Woodbury, Don’t Cross Me

While it’s unlawful for any driver to not stop and yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within a marked crosswalk or at an intersection with no marked crosswalk, the . . . → Read More: Ambiguous Yield-to-Pedestrian Statutes

Bike signals cause motorist confusion in Paris?

The Telegraph reports that legislators in Paris have given cyclists to proceed through red lights at intersections under certain conditions.

A new government decree has just authorised cyclists in the French capital to go through red lights, after road safety experts deemed the measure would cut road accidents.

Under the new system, which will be . . . → Read More: Bike signals cause motorist confusion in Paris?

Snow Removal Procedures

Adam posted some great information over on the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition blog about how the Minneapolis Public Works Department handles snow removal on bike facilities during the winter. I thought it was pretty interesting – it seemed to “pull back the curtain” somewhat on how decisions are made within city hall. For example:

Workers are . . . → Read More: Snow Removal Procedures

Measuring Cycling Growth

Bike Walk Twin Cities released their official 2011 bike and pedestrian counts today. BWTC presented the new data, along with annual counts dating back to 2007.

The bicycle counts clearly show a general increasing trend in 2011 compared to previous years. This is good news, since the Federal mandate attached to the $28 million NTPP funds . . . → Read More: Measuring Cycling Growth

Bicycle Compliance at Traffic Signals

Joseph Rose (via The Oregonian) reports that some students performed some [admittedly non-scientific] research to shed some light on bicycle compliance with red lights at signalized intersections.

Their findings (PDF): 56 percent of bicycle riders ignored stop signals, compared with 7 percent of motorists.

This is not surprising. The researchers also compiled the following video:

. . . → Read More: Bicycle Compliance at Traffic Signals

Mandatory Helmet Laws & Bike Sharing

Article in PubliCola about how Seattle is struggling with mandatory helmet laws and public bike sharing:

… one clear down side to helmet laws is that they discourage bike-sharing systems like the popular programs in Portland and Washington, D.C., where helmets are not required. Bike sharing programs are designed for short, spur-of-the-moment trips: You grab . . . → Read More: Mandatory Helmet Laws & Bike Sharing

Stuck in traffic next to empty bike lanes

Jon Tevlin writes in a StarTribune column about some of the new bike infrastructure being created throughout Minneapolis. He wrties:

It’s hard to argue against creating safer biking paths in the cities, or against the fact that biking is good for you and the environment. I bought a new bike last year and like to . . . → Read More: Stuck in traffic next to empty bike lanes

Defining Narrow Width Lanes

Here in Minnesota, cyclists are legally permitted to “take the lane” as specified in Statute 169.222 Subd. 4, which says:

Every person operating a bicycle upon a roadway shall ride as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway except [...] when reasonably necessary to avoid conditions, including [...] narrow width . . . → Read More: Defining Narrow Width Lanes