What’s Velo?

Vélo is the French word for bike.

Bikeway Functional Class

I’ve been reading a lot of bike plans lately, and there seems to be a pretty wide variety of frameworks used by agencies to categorize bikeways. In particular, I’m intrigued by the variety of systems used by cities to create functional classifications for bikeways, and how some plans do or do not attempt to correlate bikeway facility . . . → Read More: Bikeway Functional Class

Bike Share Redistribution

I liked the recent article in US News:

Bike Sharing Systems Aren’t Trying to Peddle for Profit

The question of revenue hangs over any bike sharing program. “I’m not aware of a bike sharing system that covers all of its costs simply from user membership dues and whatever fees you pay for a trip,” says . . . → Read More: Bike Share Redistribution

Improving Bike & Ped Counts using Video

CTS E-News: Using computer vision to count pedestrians and cyclists

Video Detection

Researchers in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CS&E) are continuing their work on a vision-based system for counting pedestrians and bicyclists. The system uses machine learning principles and complex algorithms to process video data and classify objects in the scene . . . → Read More: Improving Bike & Ped Counts using Video

Some Options for Penn Avenue

There has been a lot of discussion locally here in Minneapolis about the proposed bikeway planned for Penn Avenue. According to info about the project on the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition’s (MBC) blog (here and here), it looks like the most probable outcome for this corridor will be some sort of off-street facility, probably at the . . . → Read More: Some Options for Penn Avenue

Penn Avenue: Cycle Track or Sidepath?

The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition posted some info today about the upcoming Penn Avenue reconstruction project. According to the MBC, the City of Minneapolis is considering the construction of a two-way “Cycle Track” along the west side of the roadway. Here’s the initial cross-section concept:

Cycle Track or Sidepath?

I didn’t attend the meeting where . . . → Read More: Penn Avenue: Cycle Track or Sidepath?

Stuck in traffic next to empty bike lanes

Jon Tevlin writes in a StarTribune column about some of the new bike infrastructure being created throughout Minneapolis. He wrties:

It’s hard to argue against creating safer biking paths in the cities, or against the fact that biking is good for you and the environment. I bought a new bike last year and like to . . . → Read More: Stuck in traffic next to empty bike lanes

28th Street Crossing

The City of Minneapolis has recently made some modifications to the striping on 28th St E at the at-grade Midtown Greenway trail crossing. This location was already striped with a zebra crosswalk, and a button-actuated flashing beacon is present (but rarely used) to enhance the visibility of the crossing. I applaud the City for recognizing the . . . → Read More: 28th Street Crossing

Alexandria, MN, Broadway Bicycle Design

An article in the Alexandria (MN) Echo Press mentioned what might be one of the most unique bicycle facility designs being considered in Minnesota right now.

Imagine a five-block section of Alexandria’s Broadway completely reconstructed and redesigned to include: A bicycle lane; shorter and safer pedestrian crosswalks; kiosks and signs to show visitors where downtown . . . → Read More: Alexandria, MN, Broadway Bicycle Design

Toyota Official Proposes Bike Lanes

From a February 21, 2010 article in the Mainichi Daily News in Japan:

An official at Toyota Motor Corp. has presented proposals to the central and local governments to install 250,000 kilometers of cycling lanes across Japan over the next five years in a bid to reduce accidents involving cyclists.

The proposals were presented by . . . → Read More: Toyota Official Proposes Bike Lanes

Responding to the Anarchist Scofflaw Argument

One of the skills engineers and planners strive to develop throughout their careers is the ability to lead a discussion in a public forum in a professional manner.  This is especially true any time the discussion involves cycling, a topic that often results in heated debates.  Any engineer or planner leading a discussion about bicycle . . . → Read More: Responding to the Anarchist Scofflaw Argument