What’s Velo?

Vélo is the French word for bike.

Lucky Cyclist

Twin Cities Transit linked to this video:

This could be a very real problem along the Central Corridor…

Twin Cities Cyclists: don’t be this guy.

. . . → Read More: Lucky Cyclist

37th Avenue Greenway

Several months ago, I wrote a post about the Minneapolis Bicycle Master Plan setting a vision for the creation of greenways. At that time, I quoted the following from page 184 of the plan:

Create a network of “greenways” or “green streets” where roadways are converted to bicycle and pedestrian only corridors. Milwaukee Avenue is a . . . → Read More: 37th Avenue Greenway

Some Options for Penn Avenue

There has been a lot of discussion locally here in Minneapolis about the proposed bikeway planned for Penn Avenue. According to info about the project on the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition’s (MBC) blog (here and here), it looks like the most probable outcome for this corridor will be some sort of off-street facility, probably at the . . . → Read More: Some Options for Penn Avenue

Bus Driver Aggression Towards Cyclist

BBC News reports on the shocking incident where a transit bus driver was convicted of using the bus he was driving as a weapon to injure a cyclist. A CCTV camera captures what is very clearly the bus driver intentionally swerving into the cyclist. See video below:

The actual incident is slightly more clear . . . → Read More: Bus Driver Aggression Towards Cyclist

Nice Ride MN Data Set Made Public

In a recent post, I made a remark about how NYC plans to make their bike-sharing data available to the public. A few days later, I received an email from Mitch Vars, the I.T. Director with Nice Ride MN. He said the following:

I was just reading your post about Sadik-Kahn’s GPS plans and as . . . → Read More: Nice Ride MN Data Set Made Public

NYC Bike Share GPS Data

Each of the 10,000 bicycles in the NYC bike share system will be equipped with a GPS unit. Presumably one of the purposes is to discourage theft of the bicycles, permitting authorities to track any bicycles that leave the system. However, Noah Kazis reports for Streetsblog that NYC DOT Commissioner Jeanette Sadik-Kahn has confirmed what every . . . → Read More: NYC Bike Share GPS Data

On-Street Bike Parking to Improve Intersection Sight Distance

Making Streets Safer With On-Street Bike Parking from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

StreetFilms reports that NYC recently installed it’s first on-street bike parking zone. The interesting part of this application is that the parking was installed more as a way to prevent parking near a busy intersection where visibility was limited. From the . . . → Read More: On-Street Bike Parking to Improve Intersection Sight Distance

Measuring Cycling Growth

Bike Walk Twin Cities released their official 2011 bike and pedestrian counts today. BWTC presented the new data, along with annual counts dating back to 2007.

The bicycle counts clearly show a general increasing trend in 2011 compared to previous years. This is good news, since the Federal mandate attached to the $28 million NTPP funds . . . → Read More: Measuring Cycling Growth

Neighborhood Greenways

One of the more interesting aspects of the recently completed Minneapolis Bicycle Master Plan is the inclusion of a long-term vision to convert some local roadways to Greenways. The master plan map lays out a network of future Greenways (most facilities we’re currently referring to as Bike Boulevards are envisioned to transition to Greenways over time.

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Future Trail in Albert Lea

Nice article in the Albert Lea Tribune about the proposed rail-to-trail conversion between Albert Lea and Hartland, MN:

Though the work is moving slow — it always does for trails — Freeborn County officials are making steady progress in their efforts to acquire 12.65 miles of abandoned Union Pacific Railroad line. The hope is to . . . → Read More: Future Trail in Albert Lea