What’s Velo?

VĂ©lo is the French word for bike.

Park Avenue Buffered Bike Lane

I happened to ride past the newly repaved and restriped Park Avenue this past weekend and noticed the new bike lanes have been placed. It’s still a work in progress, but here’s what it looked like as of 10:00 AM this past Sunday.

Park Avenue near 42nd Street.

The first thing that struck me . . . → Read More: Park Avenue Buffered Bike Lane

Are Shared Lane Markings and Bike Boulevards a Distraction?

Transit Miami (via Next American City) posts:

Sharrows. Chevrons. Shared lane markings. Little painted bicycles on the street.

Like fungi after a spring rainfall, Miami has seen a rapid proliferation of these markings on her streets, designed to remind motorists to be aware of cyclists and their right to the lane. While the markings are . . . → Read More: Are Shared Lane Markings and Bike Boulevards a Distraction?

Shared Bike Turn Lanes

I was working with a client recently where we briefly considered installing a shared right-turn lane and bike lane. This is a relatively new strategy used in locations where there is not enough roadway width to maintain a standard 5′ bike lane through an intersection – typically because that roadway space is used for right-turn . . . → Read More: Shared Bike Turn Lanes