What’s Velo?

Vélo is the French word for bike.

Unusual Bike Racks

I came across a couple examples of unusual bike racks. The first (via Ed) is just a couple of pallets:

No-Cook Pallet Bike Rack, by lowtechatmo on Flickr

From the photographer:

Instant bike rack made from two pallets — no assembly needed. The pallets are not modified or secured, just leaned together. Seems stable . . . → Read More: Unusual Bike Racks

Who is willing to own an old bridge?

An ongoing problem for cyclists in the Twin Cities metro area, especially motivated commuters willing to cycle great distances each day, is a lack of options for crossing the Minnesota River. The Minnesota River is surrounded by a buffer of lakes & wetlands, and the resulting greenbelt surrounding the river can be over a mile . . . → Read More: Who is willing to own an old bridge?

Interim Approval for Green Bike Lanes

Back in April, the FHWA granted “an Interim Approval for the optional use of green colored pavement in marked bicycle lanes and in extensions of bicycle lanes through intersections and other traffic conflict areas.”

Green Bike Lane

Before this interim approval, communities that wanted to implement green bike lanes had to do one of . . . → Read More: Interim Approval for Green Bike Lanes

First Look: Cedar Lake Trail Phase III

The Cedar Lake Trail extension  is currently under construction in downtown Minneapolis.  Engineers plan to have the trail completed and open for trail users sometime this spring.  I happened to be in the area a few days ago, so I stopped to take a few photos.  I thought some of you might be interested in . . . → Read More: First Look: Cedar Lake Trail Phase III